Commemoration of the 68 Nakba Day Anniversary - 14-05-2016

At this event, we had a video link-up with an original survivor from Al-Falujah village in Palestine, who is now living in Gaza. His grandson, Emad was present, and was in conversation with him at the event. He told us about his experience in early 1949, when his village was terrorised and had to be evacuated.

[For a video of part of the event, and a few words on the Nakba...]

We also had a video link-up with a friend in Jordan, who is a descendant of another Nakba survivor.

The Nakba: Mostly throughout 1948, but also from the end of 1947 to the beginning of 1949, 750,000 native Palestinian Arabs were forced out of their houses, villages and towns...and off their land and farms at the Point Of a Gun, by the Zionist militias. Around 13,000 were killed, and their properties, towns and villages were destroyed. Al Faluja was one of them. This was done in order to make way for the Jewish immigrants from around the world to take their place.

See a video of part of this special and moving event here...

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