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An Experience in Aida Refugee Camp: A Personal Account
Tuesday 05 March 2019, 07:00pm
A presentation and personal account:
Antonio, who will be giving this presentation says;
"A few months ago I was listening to stories about Palestine from people who had experiences in the land, however, I could never understand the point of their stories, because as when we are children, if we want to understand anything we need to witness it for ourselves...
Then on 27th July 2018, I decided to travel to the West Bank and live the experience for myself. Nevertheless, before taking off I got in touch with people from Lajee Centre (in Aida refugee camp, Bethlehem, the West Bank) to take their Summer Camp Programme, for two weeks and I can honestly say that taking part in this, and working with the people there changed my life.
In my presentation, I will be talking about both my experience in the Lajee Centre and also about some of my experiences outside the refugee camp. For this reason, I will speak about my last article ‘The diversity of the Palestinians’ Struggles; two voices thirsty for justice give us another point of view."
Location Palestine Museum and Cultural Centre
Free event, Donations welcome.
Start time: 6.30 pm doors open, for a 7pm start.

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